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Government Licenses:

Incorporated in 1993, Frontière Finance Ltd is licensed by the Government of Mauritius to set up and manage Global Business Licensed Companies and Trusts.  

Our sister company Agulhas Captive Insurance Services is licensed to manage Captive Insurance Companies.


Association of Offshore Management Companies

Association of Captive Insurance Managers

The Financial Markets Association of Mauritius

Mauritius - A Quality Offshore Base

Frontière Finance (Frontfin) was set up in 1993 to provide financial services to internationally oriented companies and individuals. 

Frontfin has a number of innovative structures to help maximise the benefits created by recent changes to  legislation.

Our services are designed to appeal to the most conservative clients. 


A Note on 'Due Diligence'

We conduct rigorous due diligence (Know Your Client) procedures in line with those of large multinational banks and we may be unable to provide a service to citizens of some nationalities,  or those operating from some jurisdictions.  Having said this, we also go out of our way to limit the level of bureaucratic frustration to those trying to do honest business.

We support the right to privacy within the law.